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Class Information

The class meets on Mondays and Wednesdays from 5:00 - 6:30 p.m. Lectures are in Tureaud Hall, Rm. 215. Laboratory sessions will meet in Coates Hall, Rm. 167.

Here is the course syllabus.

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Monday 27 March: No Class!!! Happy Spring Break!

Monday 01 May: Class will be held in the Lecture Hall tonight. Final Exam!!! Please show up for this one!

By a majority vote, the Final will be held on Monday, 1 May, 2000 rather than on Wednesday, 10 May. The review will be on Wednesday, 26 April and classes will not meet on the 3rd, 8th or 10th of May. This update has been changed in the on-line Syllabus (see link above).

The Final Exams are graded. If you haven't received yours, you may pick it up by stopping by the Office of Comupting Services building and asking for me at the front desk. Your final grades will be posted to PAWS between Monday 8 May to Wednesday 10 May. Your accounts on the cs1970.lsu.edu machine will also be available at the same time (user name will be your PAWS id and your password will be your SSN). Remember, SSH is required to connect.

I'd like to thank you all for making the class so enjoyable this semester. I encourage all of you to keep in touch. If you have questions in the future, don't hesitate to call me or send an e-mail; I'm glad to help. NOTE: All grades are now available (homeworks, graded lab, midterm).

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Extra Credit

I received the following submissions for extra credit from class members. If you have some time, take a peek; you just might learn a thing or two.

Wednesday, 22 March:The site http://www.mcsr.olemiss.edu/unixhelp/, the University of Mississippi's Center for Supercomputing Research, "doesn't give much added insight, but is a simplified, well organized site on everything we have covered in class so far. It could be helpful when reviewing for the final, because one can easily navigate through the topics."
Monday, 20 March:I've talked about the O'Reilly books in class a few times. The site http://www.self-evident.com/unix/ offers some of the books on-line. They are a great source of UNIX information. This is a good site!
Friday, 17 March:The site http://www.unix-vs-nt.org/ provides a good comparison of Windows NT and UNIX. Take a peek at the Kirch paper for some (lots of) details. This helps explain why UNIX runs the Internet as opposed to Windows NT.
Wednesday, 01 March:The site UNIX is a four letter word provides a good, user friendly manual with good descriptions and an example of each command. Make sure you take time to find and read about the ap command. It's extremely useful...
Wednesday, 01 March:The site http://www.pcworld.com/pcwtoday/ is a PCWorld article that talks about a version of Linux running on a hand-held device.
Tuesday, 29 February:The site UNIX Guru Universe is a site for UNIX system administrators that lists hundreds of little tips and tidbits about UNIX. It also has a section for beginners that most of you will be bored with. -=8^)

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If you have questions, contact bropers@lsu.edu

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