Homework 1- Filesystems


Before starting this homework, issue the following command:


script hw1.txt


When you are done with your homework, e-mail the file hw1.txt to the instructor, cs1970a@classes.csc.lsu.edu


1.       Copy the file usethis from the home directory of the user cs1970a to your home directory. (2 pts)

2.       Make a subdirectory called homework1 and copy the file usethis into your new subdirectory. (2 pts)

3.       Display the contents of the file usethis. (2 pts)

4.       What kind of file is the file usethis? (2 pts)

5.       Change the permissions on the file usethis so that you can see and change the contents of the file, people in the cs1970 class (group) can read the file, and so that everybody else can only execute the file. (2 pts)

6.       What’s the relative path from your home directory to the file usethis? (2 pts)