Graded Lab 2- Shell Scripts and the WWW


This Graded Lab is basically a large quiz or a mini-test. This exercise is open book, you may use your class notes, any handouts I have provided and the textbook. You may not ask me questions that will provide you with clues or answers to questions. You may ask me questions if you are having troubles with your system (to include how to attach the file to the e-mail you need to send me at the end of the lab). You may not talk with your neighbors. Remember the Department of Computer Scienceís policy on Academic Dishonesty.


When you are done with the lab, please e-mail your script to the instructor,


This lab is worth 50 points.


Good luck!

You have been hired by Acme Corporation as the security officer in charge of their UNIX based machines.

As youíve been learning about Acmeís technology, you found that they have a nice e-mail handler that can run any script. Your security based mind immediately found a great use for such a tool. You envision being able to e-mail to with the subject line containing the login ID of a possible intruder.

Knowing how important it is to gather data when an intrusion occurs, you will write a script that the e-mail handler will call. Your script will take a single argument: a users login ID that will automatically be pulled from the subject: line by the e-mail handler.

To provide a universal way of documenting intrusions, your script will generate an HTML page that will show:

This file should be viewable from your home URL as a file called: intruder_loginID.html ( where loginID is the login ID you passed to the script.

Test your script by hand by calling it from the command line with your login ID then open up a browser and check your results.

NOTE: This is not a CGI type script, you do not have to include the Content-Type: text/html line in your output.