Homework 4- WWW


This homework is due Monday, 10 April 2000 before class.


This homework is worth 30 points (10 points per page created).


Create a web site in your account on classes.csc.lsu.edu that contains at least three pages and an image (or more). Content can be what ever you like. Suggestions are: personal page, research project page, fan page, resource page (the next best UNIX site on the web!), etc. Any three pages will work (as long as they can actually be seen by a browser).


For 1% extra credit, include a CGI script that does something relevant to your site (display data, process a form, show machine information, etc.)


When you are done with the assignment, send an e-mail to the instructor (cs1970a) informing me as such.


Note: there will be some work done on the classes machine over Spring Break, so expect some service outages.