New Zealand Travels Pictures! The pictures are finally here!

NZ Flag Kia Ora! From this page you will find information about trips we have taken to New Zealand. We have found it to be a beutiful country and, as such, have made two trips thusfar.

1999 Our first trip in 1999 was for about three weeks. We spent most of our time in the South Island with Becky's parents, who had spent the previous two weeks in Australia visiting Becky's brother Dan, who was at the end of a study abroad program. The last week was spent, mostly in the North Island, with Dan. Everything we saw was breath-taking and everyday was enjoyable.

2003 When Becky was presented with the opportunity of sabbatical, she decided to continue her student activism research in New Zealand. We arrived on Friday monring, 29 August, 2003 and won't leave until Wednesday, 19 November, 2003.

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