Baby's Ultrasounds

15 February 2000

We had a doctors visit today and they took baby's first ultrasound pictures!

[Ultrasound Image 1] Ultra Sound Image 1 (JPG 122 KB)

This picture shows baby looking right at you. Her head is to the upper left and her little left arm/hand is just visible as well.

[Ultrasound Image 2] Ultra Sound Image 2 (JPG 132 KB)

This picture again shows baby looking right at you. Her head is still to the left but now her little hands are just white blobs. It's not quite as good as the first picture.

[Ultrasound Image 3] Ultra Sound Image 3 (JPG 147 KB)

In this picture, baby has turned to her side, her left side is visible so her face is towards the bottom of the image. Her head is still to the left. In this particular image, you can see the white line of her spinal column and can barely see her legs folded up to her belly with little tiny feet almost showing. This image was also used to measure her CR (crown to rump) length, you can see in the lower right corner that she is a whopping 6.9 cm long!

[Ultrasound Image 4] Ultra Sound Image 4 (JPG 144 KB)

Baby is still turned, left side towards us, face down. This image shows her spine, legs and jaw a bit more clearly. The CR measurement has been redone and she's magically grown to 7.0 cm!

[Ultrasound Image 5] Ultra Sound Image 5 (JPG 132 KB)

This image is exaclty the same as above, but the nurse isn't doing the length measurement.

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